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2nd BoP Global Network Summit

  • Stuart L. Hart
    Stuart L. Hart
  • Sanjay Sharma, Ph.D
    Sanjay Sharma, Ph.D
  • Ted London
    Ted London
  • Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta
    Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta
  • Vijay Sathe
    Vijay Sathe
  • John Gardner
    John Gardner
  • Priya Dasgupta
    Priya Dasgupta
  • Fernando Casado
    Fernando Casado
  • Andrea Shpak
    Andrea Shpak
  • Heather Esper
    Heather Esper
  • Yaromir Munoz
    Yaromir Munoz
  • Felipe Pérez Pineda
    Felipe Pérez Pineda
  • Petri Allekotte, MBA
    Petri Allekotte, MBA
  • Christina Gradl
    Christina Gradl
  • Tokutaro Hiramoto
    Tokutaro Hiramoto
  • Lucia Dal Negro
    Lucia Dal Negro
  • Mike Debelak
    Mike Debelak
  • Dr. Cats-Baril
    Dr. Cats-Baril
  • Ali Awni
    Ali Awni
Stuart L. Hart
Stuart L. Hart

“Sustainable Entrepreneurship

From The Bottom Up”

July 16-17, 2015
Burlington, Vermont

The Base of the Pyramid (BoP) is a socio-economic designation for the more than 4 billion people living on less than $8 a day. It is also a business strategy that focuses on products, services and enterprises to serve this demographic in a way that is culturally sensitive, environmentally sustainable and economically profitable.

There are tremendous benefits to companies who begin focusing on the poor as business partners and innovators, as well as value-demanding consumers. Companies who choose to serve these new markets will join a unique group of bold visionaries that not only embrace a new brand of corporate social responsibility, but will also experience a new mode of growth and profitability.

As we witness growing inequality and accelerating environmental degradation around the world, commercial attention in the years ahead will inevitably come to focus more on breakthrough and disruptive innovations that directly confront these challenges. The time is now for entrepreneurs and innovative corporations to take the “Green Leap”— the harnessing of technological and business model innovations to create new growth platforms that regenerate the environment and lift the poor—while simultaneously generating financial returns.

Increasingly, competitive advantage will hinge on innovations incubated at the base of the pyramid (BoP)—the ability to create tomorrow’s sustainable enterprises from the bottom up, by commercializing new, disruptive technologies through innovative business models focused on the underserved at the base of the world income pyramid. Ultimately, some of these innovations will also have the potential to “trickle up” to (and transform) the top of the pyramid through reverse innovation.

About the 2015 Summit

Enterprise for a Sustainable World (ESW) and The University of Vermont, in collaboration with the BoP Global Network Labs from around the world, are organizing the 2nd BoP Global Network Summit. The event will be held July 16 and 17, 2015 at the University of Vermont (UVM)’s Davis Center in Burlington, Vermont - USA.

The 2015 event will build on the 1st BoP Global Network Summit: "Pushing the Boundaries of BoP" held in 2013 in Cajamar - Brazil (Sponsored by Natura, IBM, Tetra Pak, Novelis, Sebrae and Avina), which brought together corporate innovators, academics, entrepreneurs, community leaders, students, and BoP Global Lab leaders from more than 16 countries.

The 2015 Summit's main objective will be to present and discuss real-life BoP business initiatives, implemented by entrepreneurs and corporate innovators, that are driving sustainable innovation from the bottom up. In partnership with the University of Vermont's new Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA Program, the Summit will seek to engage leading edge examples of bottom-up innovation from around the world, including those right here at home in the US.

The 2nd BoP Global Summit has been designed to first provoke, then discuss, and finally, act. Accordingly, each segment starts with the “plenary provocation” to challenge and stimulate creative thinking, followed by breakout sessions geared toward building networks, action agendas and new initiatives.

As a result the BoP Global Network Summit will enable participants to share experiences, to explore emerging BoP opportunities, to delve deeper into key challenges through focused workshops, and learn from top academics and practitioners in the field. The Summit will also bring together the BoP Global Network Lab leaders representing more than 20 countries from around the world along with experts such as Dr. Stuart Hart, Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Dr. Willy Cats-Baril, and Dr. Ted London.

The event will also provide participants the opportunity to visit Burlington, Vermont, one of America's most beautiful and lively small cities and the home to some pioneers in sustainable business such as Ben & Jerry's, Keurig Green Mountain (formerly Green Mountain Coffee Roasters), and Seventh Generation.