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Benefits do Associates

In addition to being part of a vibrant, global community of researchers and developers that are passionate about sustainable business at the base of the pyramid, there are many other benefits to BoP Global Network members. Some of these include:

1.   Be part of groundbreaking network that will drive business growth while also helping the 4 billion people at the base of the pyramid.
2.   Position your organization as a visionary leader in BoP enterprise development.
3.   Have access to the latest research, experts and opportunities for creating business value at the base of the pyramid.
4.   Participation in leading edge strategies and profit-making business models at the BoP.
5.   Showcasing your experience and being recognized as a leader in the emerging field of BoP enterprise development.
6.   Positioning yourself as a pioneer in groundbreaking BoP research.
7.   Collaborate and learn from other labs and corporations that are part of the network.
8.   Identifying potential global partnership opportunities.
9.   Gaining global visibility for your work.
10.  Receive global recognition and visibility for your corporation in the emerging field of sustainable business at the base of the pyramid.