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BoP Global Network Events

2018 - BoP Global Network - 18-20 April - India

Enterprise for a Sustainable World (ESW) and Ecociate, in collaboration with the BoP Global Network Labs from around the world, are organizing the third BoP Global Network Summit. The event will be held April 18 - 20, 2018 at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, India.

The 2018 Summit will include a field visit to initiatives to experience first-hand some of the leading edge BoP business initiatives in India. The field visit will serve to stimulate discussion and action during the Summit itself. Read more…

2016 - BoP World Convention 2016, 20–22 SEPTEMBER - Singapore

BoP 2016 will serve as a knowledge‐sharing platform focusing on solving problems and some significant challenges such as energy, water, sanitation, healthcare, or accessing affordable mobile & digital services. Participants will brainstorm together how by redefining business models, improving existing solutions or create new ones that can sustainably increase profits, productivity and prosperity around the world. Read more…


2015 - BoP Global Network Summit 
Entrepreneurship from the Bottom Up

Innovation ecosystems, new business models, scaling enterprises, innovative financial instruments and role of the Corporation, Government, and other stakeholders in bringing new opportunities to the worlds’ poorest populations, including those in the developed world, were among the main topics of the second international BoP Global Network Summit. The event took place in Burlington, Vermont on July 16th and 17th with the aim to expand business opportunities from traditional and increasingly competitive markets to promote inclusive business from the bottom up. Key sponsors included Novelis, PepsiCo, Novo Nordisk, CEMEX, Interface, Ben & Jerry’s and Facebook.  Read more….

2015 - Think Forward Latin America Base of the Pyramid Forum - Implementing Successful Strategies in Emerging Countries

In order to explore more opportunities in this filed in Latin America, INCAE and the BoP Global Network, in collaboration with local partners, will organize a Latin America Regional Meeting on January 19thand 20th 2015 at INCAE in Costa Rica. The main goal will be to expand business opportunities in the region beyond the existing and increasingly competitive markets through the promotion of more inclusive business focused on the BoP. Read more…


2014 - Co-creating Business Ecosystems in Emerging Markets – June 17th

Aalto Global impact, the BoP Global Network Lab in Finland, will organize this one-day regional event focusing on the practical business cases and experiences of companies doing business in low-income markets. Read more…


INCLUSIVE BUSINESS eLAB Inclusive Business Management Executive Course

Inclusive business refers to sustainable business solutions that go beyond philanthropy and expand access to goods, services, and livelihood opportunities for low-income communities in commercially viable ways. These ventures deliver high socio-economic value by engaging the poor as producers, distributors, suppliers, or consumers, and present an exciting opportunity for the private sector because they are good for business. A variety of commercial returns – market entry, market share, secure supply chains, product line innovation, and competitive advantage – all help to build market value. Read more….

2013  - BoP Global Network 1st International Summit 
Lifting the Poor Through Business. New business models and products, innovation ecosystems, sustainability, financial education, and how to bring new opportunities to the world's poorest populations were among the main topics of the first international BoP Global Network Summit. Read more...

2012 - BoP Global Network Regional Meeting
Aiming to expand business opportunities in the traditional and increasingly competitive markets through the promotion of social impact, ESW and the BoP Global Network brought together real-life BoP initiatives, groundbreaking entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, combined with BoP Global Lab leaders. Read more...