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About BoP Global Network

One of the answers to some of the greatest challenges facing humanity can be found through inclusive and sustainable innovation and collaboration. The BoP Global Network was established to bring together global leaders to share knowledge and disseminate information regarding the theory and practice of sustainable business at the base of the economic pyramid. Rather than using traditional aid methodologies to help the poor and improve their quality of life, we have established BoP Learning Labs that promote research and development of entrepreneurial business methods. These Labs make up the BoP Global Network. The goal is to stimulate new enterprises that are economically competitive, environmentally sustainable, and culturally appropriate. This innovative idea has caught the attention of numerous academic institutions and other organizations around the world, and currently, Today, the BoP Global Network has become a vibrante community of academics and practitioners in 18 countries that engage in knowledge creation and dissemination about the theory and practice of creating sustainable businesses at the base of the economic pyramid.

In addition, the Global Network seeks to develop and implement win-win solutions that open new opportunities for business value creation while simultaneously expanding the development of the world’s poorest people and communities.  Accordingly, the partners developed a set of principles and purposes that all members of the BoP Learning Lab Global Network should ascribe to.

As part of the BoP Global Network, a diverse group of corporations, non-profits and multilateral organizations have: 
•    Fostered and developed new business enterprises
•    Created new markets working with BoP communities
•    Redesigned product development and created new products and services for the BoP
•    Implemented innovative methodologies for new business development
•    Disseminated and created awareness of successful case studies
•    Fostered enabling environments for inclusive business among policy makers
•    Catalyzed an applied research agenda using inclusive business models that help achieve progress for all
•    Developed monitoring and evaluation frameworks that help companies track and quantify the impact of their activities on the triple bottom line