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About Us

In 2000, Stuart L. Hart established the original BoP Learning Lab at the University of North Carolina. Since then, he has played an integral role in helping to catalyze and launch eighteen new BoP Labs around the world.

In 2003, Dr. Hart moved to Cornell University and continued his work establishing BoP Learning Lab activities. Soon, the new Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise at the Johnson School became a key player in BoP endeavors. Since then, there has been a growing global interest in connecting this emerging network of BoP Labs.

With this mind, Dr. Hart (along with his Cornell colleagues) began to spearhead an effort to build an active and vibrant BoP learning community—a BoP Global Network. In 2007, the first organizational meetings convened in the US and in the Netherlands by 2008. Through these efforts, the Network concept advanced by defining what constitutes a “BoP Business” and defining an initial constitution and governance structure for the BoP Global Network membership.

In 2009, Dr. Hart convened the Cornell Global Forum on Sustainable Enterprise, which brought together BoP entrepreneurs and corporate intrapreneurs from around the world to converge clean (sustainable) technology and BoP agendas, with a new focus on Green Leap, and trickle up (reverse) innovation.

Unfortunately, in the wake of the financial crisis and recession, the initiative lost momentum. However, as inequity, social unrest, and environmental degradation continue to grow around the world, the need for a BoP Global Network has never been greater: It requires socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable enterprise creation on a massive scale—and it needs to be fast—if the global economy is to regain its footing.

In order to generate greater momentum and speed progress, Dr. Hart started the Enterprise for a Sustainable World (ESW)—a national non-profit corporation dedicated to achieving global sustainability by helping corporations make the transformation toward becoming a sustainable enterprise. ESW is now guiding the process and taking the necessary steps to formalize the BoP Global Network.

The BoP Global Network invites potential entrepreneurs and executives interested in creating and disseminating knowledge about the theory and practice of business at the BoP, and to support the initiative by becoming a corporate member. Member support will help provide the resources required to create a knowledge platform for sharing the latest articles, case studies, research, and project information on BoP initiatives and effectively manage and grow the Network.

ESW invite you to become a member and support our effort in moving forward the BoP agenda. Help us to make the BoP Global Network a reality. We do not have much more time.